Welcome and thank you for coming to visit.

Our mission is to provide a simple, valued and complete approach to coming alongside you the church planter.  From infancy through maturity!

With technology or without it!

We feel extremely passionate about the calling to use our gifts and talents for the church both locally and internationally.

As you tackle the simplest of details or wrestle with the complicated ones, our team can come alongside you from the very beginning as you faithfully build a core team and work diligently towards getting your church off the ground.  We take this very seriously and work hard at not just creating the next coolest church or hippest place to worship.  We firmly believe that the ideas, concepts, and equipment that we provide to our churches should become neither hindrance nor distraction for the ones you were called to bring the “good news” to.  We believe very much in doing all that we do with excellence.  Our process is designed to be very collaborative and inviting for those on your team.  Whether it’s a worship team member or a children’s ministry volunteer, hearing from you is part of the process.  Below is a list of some of the areas that we work with your team through…

    • Early Stage Demographics
    • Ecclesiography
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Site Analysis – Selection
    • Launch Budgeting
    • Capital Campaigning
    • Procurement of Equipment
    • Launch Training
    • Assimilation Training