Network Planting

We believe that there is much to be learned from those that have gone before you!

For networks, planting churches is more than a mechanism…it’s a driving vehicle for spreading the gospel!  However, strengths tend to lie in pastoral training and the systematic replication of processes. It often gets to busy to execute or there is not enough time or staff to maintain the desired results and sometimes you just need a 3rd party to help.  Even organizations with staff designated to roles focused on supporting, training, and mentoring; these newer churches can benefit from supportive collaboration customized to provide accountability and execution of a game plan.  The challenge lies within the game plan itself!  With Church-Technologies, we can come alongside your team to help create and implement strategic church planting strategies that apply best practices while partnering with your organization.

Scope of services might include:

  • Early Stage Evaluations
  • Demographic Studies
  • Ecclesiography Studies
  • Site Evaluations & Selection
  • Site Budgets
  • Capital Campaign Creation & Execution
  • Team Building
  • Assimilation Process Development
  • Technology Resourcing
  • Worship Training
  • Opening Day Support

Each year between 1400 and 1800 churches open their doors¹and most will go through similar launch processess and encounter the same trials of there predecessors.   Even with so many great planting resources out there and with planters being more systematically supported by there denominations, network or sending church, they are predominately only taken through early stages of support such as candidate assessment, personal coaching, pastoral development skills and mentoring from a peer group.  This is where the challenge comes into play.  The excitement bursting statistic is that 3500 – 4000 churches close each year² and that most will close within their first 4 years.  At Church-Technologies, we are driven by statistics like these to create both pre and post launch strategies.  Our consulting services will help prepare the planter for the region and environment they are entering into and for the upcoming challenges they will endure over the coming life cycles of their church.

¹ 2009 NAMB Research
² the Barna Study —