Multi Site Church

Whether you are needing to address a constant lack of space or you are experiencingMulti-Site Campus dynamic growth, starting a multi-site campus can be very challenging.  Creating infrastructure between administration, pastoral care, worship & technology and children’s ministry becomes incredibly critical to the operational success of adding another site.  The process of assimilating those entrusted to you can become even harder and often times many of those slip through the cracks without ever knowing or feeling touched by your congregation.  Our goal is to help your staff create and sustain healthy models of replication through intentional leadership and systematic processes that ensure clear communication and efficient work-flow between multiple sites.

Successful multi-site campuses take a great deal of diligence and learning as every instance may share several threads of commonality but must quickly learn how they are unique in order to work seamlessly with the main campus.

We invite you to connect with our and learn how we can help your church, before or after you open a new site.


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Demographic Studies
  • Ecclesiography Studies
  • Site Evaluations & Selection
  • Technology Assessments
  • Site Budgets
  • Capital Campaign Creation & Execution
  • Campus Connectivity
  • Assimilation Process Development
  • Technology Resourcing
  • Worship Training
  • Opening Day Support