Acoustical Engineering

Church-Technologies provides acoustical engineering services for the church.CAD Providing acoustical design services for such facilities typically consist of these acoustical engineering services:

        • ROOM ACOUSTICS – Room volume, geometry, and interior finishes, including the placement and orientation of sound-diffusing, sound-reflecting, and sound-absorbing elements to achieve the proper acoustical environment for the room’s programmed use. When worship spaces must serve multiple uses, designs can include means for varying the acoustical environment of the room, depending on the specific functions it must serve.
        • SOUND ISOLATION – Designs for walls (both interior and exterior) and floor-ceiling assemblies that adequately attenuate airborne sound between acoustically incompatible spaces and activities. Creating a space with the correct reverberation time is critical and can be a challenge allowing for interaction between the worship leader and the congregation.
        • IMPACT NOISE ISOLATION – Designs for floor-ceiling assemblies that provide adequate isolation of impact noise from the floor, such as caused by walking, chair scraping, dropped objects, etc.